Create a Lead Generation System for Legal and Financial Advisors.

Get the clients you want at the right price and volume.

Utilise Lead Generation Systems & AI Tools.

We help you create and run a Lead Generation System in 8 weeks, even if you have limited time and resources and are not tech-savvy.

  • You accomplish:
  • Crafting a high-converting offer. So you attract the people you want, escape the competition, and spend less on advertising.
  • Presenting your offer to the people you want at the right time and place. So you get them to contact you instead of chasing them.
  • Qualifying leads according to your criteria automatically. So you save time speaking only to people who need your services and are a good fit for them.
  • Setting up an automated appointment scheduling system. So people can book appointments online, and you don’t lose time scheduling appointments.
  • Setting up an automated system that generates quality leads and call appointments on demand.
  • Automating your client communication. So you reduce the administration time, communicate faster and provide services efficiently.

Is this program for you?

Our strategy is proven to deliver results to legal and financial advisors and consultants. It enables you to run an automated system that generates qualified leads. So you can get the clients you want at the right price and volume. And do this consistently.

There is no need for special technical knowledge. You can set it up and operate it successfully in less than eight weeks and on a small budget. It is possible because we remove all the guesswork and trial and error from your side.

How the program works

  • You get access to 8-week video training with detailed step-by-step instructions. You get the training and guides in PDF format as well.
  • You get weekly 1-to-1 video calls with an experienced coach who helps you with anything you need and keeps you accountable and on track. It includes answering all your questions and revising your system according to your goals. Your coach helps you overcome roadblocks, avoid pitfalls, save time and money, and get results fast.
  • You get a complete Lead Generation System template that enables you to run the system immediately by simply plugging in your marketing content, which we help you create.
  • You get support via email, chat, and an online help desk. We answer all your questions quickly and effectively.
  • You learn to use the right tools to set up your lead generation system fast and easily.

How much does it cost

Should you be a good fit for our coaching and training program, we will invite you to enrol and get the first 4 weeks for free. If you are happy with it, you can become a client and complete the program.

Let's talk. Send us a message.

Do you want a steady flow of quality leads for your business? We can help you automate the client acquisition process and get the right clients at the right price. Let's talk. You are welcome to send us a message.

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